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 Completed Mission Reports 

Mission Date

Name Of Fallen Hero

Mission Location

Jan 4th 2019                     SA Nate Chumley             WNC Portland, OR 

Jan 5th 2019                   Home For Our Troops             Shelton, WA     

Jan 12th 2019             Coast Guardsman Memorial          Astoria, OR       

Jan 18th 2019                          VA Hospice                     Vancouver, WA  

Jan 31st 2019                Albert Benge US Marine               Yacolt, WA       

Feb 16th 2019                 Raul "Monty" Montalvo               Ridgefield, WA

Feb 23rd 2019      CN Okey "Pat" Monroe Hammrick     Woodland, WA

March 2nd 2019     Capt Carlton E. Appelo US Army      Grays River, WA

March 2nd 2019      SP4 Barry M Buchanan US Army     Longview, WA  

March 9th 2019           SN Howard R Nelson US Navy      Naselle, Wa     

March 19th 2019           District Judge David Koss            Longview, Wa 

March 29th 2019             Sgt. Douglas m Fajardo               Kelso, Wa      

March 30th 2019     Gordon Huggins, US Coast Guard      Astoria, OR    

March 31st  2019             Welcome Home                   Battleground, Wa  

April 20th 2019      SP5 James A Turner US Army                Ariel,Wa      

May 4th 2019               Tertiary Support Mission           Ridgefield, Wa    

May 11th 2019                 PVT Willard Pruyne                   Longview, WA  

May 11th 2019                     Capt. Walt Swey                   Woodland, Wa 

May 19th 2019                Gail Modral US Army                  Kalama, Wa   

May 20th 2019             A2C Richard Schwitzke             Longview, WA  

Aug 29th 2019         SGT Arnold Turner(RHG Mission)          Woodland, WA 

Aug 31st 2019                  Thomas Woolridge                 Ridgefield, WA   

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