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The history of the PATRIOT GUARD originated on 24 July 2005 when American Legion Rider Terry Houck's wife, Carol, learned that a group of protesters disrupted a Newkirk, Oklahoma soldier's funeral.  Together, they created a plan for riding to the funerals and showing sincere respect to our fallen heroes, their families, and their communities.  Terry discussed the plan with other members of Kansas American Legion Riders from Legion Post 136, Mulvane, Kansas.  The group agreed to take action to preserve our Fallen Hero's memory and honor, and provide support to their families who were being harassed by the Fred Phelps Westboro Baptist Church protesters. 

At the 7 August 2005 meeting, ALR 136 director Chuck "Pappy" Barshney appointed committee members Terry "Darkhorse" Houck, Cregg "Bronco6" Hansen, Steve "McDaddy" McDonald, Bill "Wild Bill" Logan. The committee established a mission purpose, procedures, and guidelines to honor the memory of our Fallen Soldiers and support the families who are subjected to the WBC protests.  Later additions to the committee include co-director Dennis "Tatonka" Scuffham, Greg "Ebay" Hansen, Richard "Stretch" Strothman and Doug "GreyEagle" Lehman. 

When the ALR Post 136 committee heard that the WBC were going to protest at the Funeral of Sgt John Doles in Chelsea, Oklahoma, a Mission Statement was established. The Mission Statement included getting the Families permission and contacting Law Enforcement and other Motorcycle Groups in Kansas and Oklahoma, as well as other states.  The committee agreed that the ultimate goal was to get veterans and motorcycle organizations involved in every state so that each state could handle the situation internally and not rely on other states to do the job.  Cregg Hansen used his American Legion Rider Chapter contacts to spread the word about the mission.  Our established procedures have been adopted by all PATRIOT GUARD for use on the National level. 

The 11 October 2005 Chelsea, Oklahoma mission was planned and executed with military precision.  After the successful Chelsea Mission, the Kansas American Legion Riders wanted all motorcycle groups, organizations, and individual supporters to be recognized.  Therefore, on 18 October 2005 the name of the "PATRIOT GUARD" was established.  The "PATRIOT GUARD" name was proudly announced to more than one hundred riders present at the 27 October 2005 Tonganoxie Mission to Honor SPC Lucas Frantz.  We designed our PATRIOT GUARD patches and began distributing them in late November 2005. 

Since then, the Kansas PATRIOT GUARD  has planned and executed missions in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Nebraska, and participated in missions planned by other states.  The PATRIOT GUARD missions are successful because each and every member contributes their time to stand guard. 

"Alone We Can Do So Little, Together We Can Do So Much"


Former PATRIOT GUARD Co-Captains and Road Captains - Thank you for your dedication

Greg "Ebay" Hansen - died 22 Dec 2008     Rest in Peace, Brother

Deems "Doc" Peterson - died 18 April 2014     Rest in Peace, Brother

Chuck "Macgyver" Ford - died 31 July 2017     Rest in Peace, Brother

Cregg "Bronco 6" Hansen - died 12 Feb 2018     Rest in Peace, Brother

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