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 Mission Procedures 

The Purpose of The Patriot Guard

The Patriot Guard will stand guard for the Fallen Hero's military funerals, law enforcement and firefighters funerals to show honor and respect to our country’s fallen heroes, their families, and their communities, and to shield them from protesters.  A Fallen Hero is defined as a military KIA or Casualty of War of the current war conflicts and law enforcement officers and firefighters killed in the line of duty.  The Patriot Guard uses American Flags to create a shield at the funeral service and a perimeter around the cemetery service.  We attend the funeral as invited guests of the family.

1. Leadership

  1. The Patriot Guard leadership team consists of State Captain(s), Road Captains, Staging Squad Captain, Road Guard Captain, and Chaplain.

  2. The staging squad handles the line-up of the motorcycle flag honor guard columns at the staging areas, and directs the flag lines at the funeral services.

  3. Road guards help lead the processions to the funeral sites and help control traffic.

  4. Volunteers drive the flag truck and haul water and snacks for the flag line participants.

  5. The Support Vehicle driver transports the 8 foot poles with the 3 by 5 foot American Flags.

  6. The Chaplain offers prayers at the staging area and on request elsewhere during missions.


2. Mission Planning

State Captain and/or Road Captain will perform the following tasks to plan the mission:

  1. Contact the family and the military Casualty Assistance Officer.

  2. Contact Law Enforcement Officers and funeral directors.

  3. Maintain ongoing contact with the family, CAO, LEO, and funeral directors.

  4. Perform a recon mission to scout the church and cemetery before funeral date.

  5. Choose appropriate staging areas that provide fuel, food, and restroom services.  Obtain permission from the staging area owners for The Patriot Guard to use the site.

  6. Work with LEO to choose a safe procession route.

  7. If requested, arrange and provide escort from airport to funeral home.

  8. Arrange for flag line participation for funeral home visitation.

  9. Create the “ride plan” that is posted on the website and emailed to members.

  10. Plan for line-up at the funeral site no less than 1 hour prior to start of the funeral service.

  11. Arrange for support Vehicle to transport flags to cemetery after funeral service starts.


3. Mission Staging Area

  1. All participants must arrive at the designated final staging area prior to the mission briefing.  During the briefing the procedures will be explained.

  2. Staging Squad will direct participants to the correct parking area.

  3. Motorcycles – two-wheel and three-wheel – will be lined up in columns of two.

  4. Motorcycles with flagpoles will be placed at the front.

  5. Motorcycles without flagpoles will be placed in the middle.

  6. Three-wheel trikes follow the two-wheel motorcycles.

  7. Automobiles will bring up the rear. 

  8. Each motorcycle will fly only one 3x5 flag for safety purposes and uniformity.

  9. Any deviations from this line-up will be handled by the Road Captain.


4. Mission Participants:

  1. Please sign the "Mission sign in" roster. (see the Road Captain).

  2. Listen closely to the Mission briefing that is delivered by the Road Captain.

  3. Questions will be answered at the staging area.  The intent is for everyone to know what to do and where to go so that the mission runs smoothly.

  4. Bear in mind that the best-made plans can fall though, so we will remain flexible and deal with any obstacles that arise.


5. Ride Procession to the Funeral Site

  1. The procession to the funeral site will be led, in most cases, by Law Enforcement. 

  2. The Patriot Guard Road Guards will follow them, and lead the Patriot Guard flag Honor Guard.  It is their job to read the traffic and help the LEO keep us safe.

  3. Motorcycle processions travel in columns of two, staggered. 

  4. Automobiles are single-file.

  5. All participants will have their headlights on.

  6. Automobiles will also have head lights and flashers on.  


6. Mission Parking

  1. We will line up our motorcycle color guard and all motorcycle columns in front of funeral/memorial building, and/or line the street and parking area.


7. Shielding the Family at the Funeral and Graveside Service

  1. We will stand shoulder to shoulder holding the American Flag, forming a shield between the funeral/memorial service and the protesters to protect the family of the fallen soldier.

  2. We will turn our backs on protesters and maintain silence unless otherwise directed.  If requested, we recite patriotic slogans, pledges, sing patriotic songs, or play patriotic music.

  3. Under no circumstances should anyone speak to or have physical contact with the protesters.

  4. The flag line must maintain a solemn, reverent demeanor.  No loud talking. Turn cell phones off.  No smoking.  If you need to do these things, please ask someone to relieve you so that you can take a break away from the flag line.

  5. After the funeral service starts, the support vehicle and most of the Patriot Guard will depart for the cemetery to create the avenue of flags at the graveside.

  6. A motorcycle Honor Guard with flags will escort to the graveside.


8. Flags displayed during Processions and Escorts

The motorcycle Flag Honor Guard will be displayed in the following order as prescribed by DoD Directive 1005.8:  

American flags, State flags, Military Academies (if present), Army, Marine, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, POW/MIA, Guard and/or Reserve (if present), Military Divisions

Other flags, if present, must follow the military service flags.  This includes Veterans Service Organizations first, followed by any other flags, based on birth date of the organization.

We comply with military procedure for flag display because these are military funerals.  High-ranking military officers and military veterans attend and expect to see the proper flag protocol observed.


9.  Thunder

The only thunder heard will be the Patriot Guard arrival and departure at the funeral or memorial site.  Engines will be turned off and will not be restarted until we leave. 
If the family requests thunder at the service, we will run motors at idle because 100-500 motors will provide plenty of thunder.



The Patriot Guard Leadership

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